3 tips to create content for Social Media

Want to create content for your Social Media pages but don’t know what to talk about?
Keep reading for our top 3 tips on how to create relevant content that will engage with your clients!

#1: Choose a topic that your clients can relate to
Looks like we’re having a cold winter this year, have you talked to your clients about osteoarthritic pain?

#2: Keep it simple
Let’s say you’ve been seeing a lot of cases of parvo lately and you wanted to raise awareness to the disease. Choose 3 to 5 key ideas that you want your clients to remember and build your content around them! In this case, 3 good key notions to pass on could be: contagious disease, high mortality in puppies, and preventable.

#3: Have someone else do it for you
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3 tips to create content for Social Media
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